PodTech:Data Communications per ITS

During the Altiris user conference in Las Vegas, April 10-13th, I had a chance to visit with Wade Wyant, directory of technology services for ITS Communications of Grand Rapids, Mich. One of the premier voice and data communications companies in the Great Lakes Region, ITS communications added Altiris network management products to their solutions toolkit to satisfy customer demand.

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/05/PID_011150/Podtech_Data_Comm_per_ITS.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/tech/2931/data-communications-per-its&totalTime=1219000&breadcrumb=c7ef6796-9c76-442e-bdb1-db0a605e6663]

One Response to PodTech:Data Communications per ITS

  1. Maddox says:

    Excellent report, very insightful. Thanks for taking a week out of your busy schedule to be at ManageFusion in Las Vegas.

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