PodTech:Dortch On Virtualization

Michael Dortch, an analyst for the Robert Frances Group, speaks at the Altiris ManageFusion07 conference on The Dark Side(s) of Virtualization. Wicked smart as well as wicked funny, Michael defies convention during this guerrilla video taping. If you’ve never met Michael Dortch or heard him speak, sit back and enjoy a level of honesty rarely heard in public. The presentation can be downloaded in PDF and PPT format.

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/05/PID_011423/Podtech_Dortch_On_Virtualization.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/3155/dortch-on-virtualization&totalTime=3163000&breadcrumb=403700d601a04c31b7a16cc70b8e5bb4]

2 Responses to PodTech:Dortch On Virtualization

  1. RMaddox says:

    Mr. Dortch, for some reason I can’t get the audio to play–tried to stream and got stuck in never never streamland (hey, sounds like a good song title…).

    Enjoyed hanging with you at MF. Let’s do it again soon!


  2. […] if we want to check what he said exactly. And if you haven’t heard Michael speak, watching this presentation from the Altiris ManageFusion user conference in the spring of 2007 will introduce you to one of […]

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