More Posts More Often

For the past 18 months, I’ve been doing the SMB News Notes at Network World as my primary blog outlet. They’ve stopped that contract, unfortunately, as IDG, Network World’s parent, tries to figure out how to juggle the fall of their print business with the rise of their Web business. I am one of many casualties, and I have no complaints. Had a good run, didn’t make the cut, better luck next time and all that.

But this means I can now put my own thoughts here without violating my contract with Network World. That’s a good thing, and I hope you agree to that one day soon. The bad part of the deal is losing money, but the good part of the deal is increased flexibility.

I can now write articles for other publishers and magazines besides IDG and Network World. Need someone to explain to your readers or your company how technology works, or how to fix it when it doesn’t? Let me know.

Look for more posts here more often, as I am in the habit of posting notes each day on technology news and how that news impacts small and medium businesses. Whether the impact is good or bad, I’ll say which, and steer you away from the bad and toward the good. Part of this process is the development of Laptop Safety Seminars with my partner Kim Brand of FileEngine. More as that develops.

Send me a note anytime here.

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