Refurb Yourself

Profit increases come from more revenue or less expense. One way to save money on computers? Check the refurbished sales from major vendors. PC Magazine has a great article on this called Refurb Madness (and double points for cute wordplay).

Kim Brand of FileEngine sends customers looking for inexpensive computers to and their refurbished units. PC Magazine agrees, at least to the point of listing Dell first in their list of where to shop. They then continue to on to Apple, HP, IBM/Lenovo, and Gateway. The article also mentions that TigerDirect sells tens of thousands of refurbished units per month, so third parties also get into this game. I’m a big fan of uBid, where they sell tons of refurb and off-lease systems for wonderfully low prices (more on this topic later).

For general office computing, you can’t beat the deals on refurbished systems if you want a fairly new computer. You can beat those prices for general use computers with the off-lease deals from places like uBid.

When you need serious horsepower, get a new system you can customize, or better yet, work with a local reseller to get better service and more control over the contents. But if you need systems for people needing a general office system, save yourself some money and look in the refurb bin.

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