Hiring Successful Salespeople

I like it when people I interview for stories appreciate the resulting article and place it on their Web site. That means I understood their message and conveyed it clearly to readers.

Last fall I did a story on the SalesDrive Web site and book Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again. Christopher Croner, Ph.D., the coauthor, is a psychologist fascinated with the “drive” mindset shown by successful salespeople, and how to identify that drive during the interview process.

If I get in a position where I have to hire salespeople again, I’m using Croner’s online test for the top three candidates for each position. That costs money, but only once. A bad or mediocre salesperson costs you money every single day.

Business owners always feel their product or service is top notch. So why do so many of them hire bad salespeople? Doesn’t a great product deserve a great salesperson? I believe it does, and if you don’t believe that, read Croner’s book immediately.

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