Solid State Disk Potential Breakthrough

First came the MacBook Air, with the optional $1000 Solid State Disk option. I like that option, because SSDs are more rugged and reliable when used in real work environments. Many small businesses do the real work as subcontractors to the corporate vice presidents busy buying themselves MacBook Air laptop to play Solitaire on their next flight.

Computerworld reported Korean startup Mtronstorage Technology Company Ltd. announced a 1.8 inch form factor drive that speeds way beyond the performance of earlier Solid State Drives, such as in the MacBook Air. Faster data access is always better, but the price increase for an SSD means you have to balance the ruggedness of the SSD with the pain of the higher price.

Perhaps Mtronstorage’s new technology, called Single Level Cell flash technology, will help the prices drift downward quickly. After all, small businesses can’t match the budgets of corporate vice presidents. That’s a shame, because the small businesses may actually put the new, more rugged technology to work solving problems rather than playing Solitaire on plane flights.

OK, to be fair, I don’t see every computer in planes with a screenfull of cards anymore. About 40 percent of them are playing DVDs. Guess those vice presidents buying MacBook Air withough realizing it doesn’t have a DVD drive will have to relearn the joys of Solitaire. At least their hard disk data will ride through turbulence better with the Solid State drive.

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