The Problem with E-Mail

What’s the problem with e-mail, beyond spam? The basic format and usability of e-mail hasn’t improved in the last decade or so, that’s what. Why are we still stuck using e-mail the same way we did in 1998?

Frank Ohlhorst’s article “The Problem with E-mail” goes into good depth about current problems and three companies working to improve the mess that is e-mail. Killer app, indeed. Killer headache more often, especially when you know you sent someone a note and resort to reading dozens of outgoing messages looking for the one critical e-mail that will verify your memory.

Adding tools to Outlook strikes me as no more than using duct tape on the Titanic. Outlook does a decent job of sending and receiving messages, and even tying in some calendar data as well. But Outlook is NOT a database, even though 95 percent of users treat it that way.

Read Frank’s story if you missed it, and stay tuned here for more e-mail thoughts soon.

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