Sony Still Customer Hostile

Some people never learn, and many of those seem to work as executives at Sony. Once again, they perform a profoundly customer-hostile act. At least this one isn’t illegal, like their spyware rootkits that infected a half million computers about 18 months ago.

Yes, I’m still mad no one from Sony performed the perp walk for infecting a half million computers via legal use of legally purchased music CDs. How mad am I still? When I bought a video camera last year for business use, I purposefully ignored Sony models. I do that every time I buy something Sony makes.

This time, Sony had the incredible gall to offer a Fresh Start software optimization feature. What was that wonderful feature, available for only $50 (actually, $49.99 like we’re too stupid to consider that $50)? They charged you to remove the crapware they install on new computers. You know, the bloatware of free trial software, games, ad-sponsored utilities, and other garbage that clogs your hard drive and introduces security holes among other putrid consequences.

This “optional feature” applies to two Vaio laptop models, but you have to upgrade to Windows Vista Business to have the option to de-crapify your laptop. Yep, pay $100 for the OS upgrade, then $50 to clean your system to get JUST Vista.

Public uproar canceled the fee (ComputerWorld). The ComputerWorld article points out that Dell and Everex offer crapware removal from at least some of their models.

How stupid can one company be? I don’t know, because Sony executives haven’t been fired for their stupidity. If this trend continues, we’ll have another idiot decision to lampoon in a few months.

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