Leopard Makes Users Happier Than Vista

ComputerWorld, originally a bastion of IBM centric enterprise computing technology, may become a fave read in the Apple world. This assumes MacFans don’t read too far past the headline.

This story reports on a survey done by ChangeWave asking computer users how satisfied they are with their operating system. “Very Satisfied” answered 53% of Mac Leopard users, versus 8% of Windows Vista users. XP split the difference at about 40%.

ChangeWave’s other story, from a survey done earlier, looks more at the implications for sales of various systems and operating systems. That brings me to the point MacFans may not like.

As good as Apple laptops are, and even after the MacBook Air hype, only 7% of surveyed companies planning to buy laptop in the next 90 days said they planned to go Mac. That number hasn’t changed from a similar study back in November, before the recent MacBook refresh including Air.

I’ll explain my disappointment with Leopard on my G4 MacBook tomorrow.

One Response to Leopard Makes Users Happier Than Vista

  1. angryxtian says:

    Mac doesn’t get viruses like Windows does plus I heard the Windows people stole all the good ideas from Mac? Boy, those Linux people are crazy, though!

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