“Found” USB Drive Danger

March 11, 2008

My friend John reminded me of a security warning I’d seen last fall but had forgotten about. Hackers leave a few USB drives laying around, often in parking lots of large companies. Employees walking into the building find the USB drives and think, “cool, a free USB drive.”

Guess what really happens? The clueless user Read the rest of this entry »

120 Billion Spams per Day

March 10, 2008

IronPort just released their Internet Security Trends for 2008 white paper. I haven’t read it all, but the big headline in the summary says spammers send over 120 billion (with a b) messages per day. Yep, 20 spam messages for every living person on this planet.

Remember that IronPort sells spam control products, Read the rest of this entry »

People Are Biggest Security Risks

March 7, 2008

Ask a security expert, and they will always identify your biggest security problem as the component on the opposite side of the keyboard from the monitor. Yep, people cause far more security problems than computers.

Untangle makes a free Read the rest of this entry »

E-Mail Labels, not E-Mail Folders

March 6, 2008

On my never-ending quest to better handle e-mail, I started using Google Mail as my primary mail client last year. I was traveling so much it made sense to automatically forward all my gaskin.com e-mail to my Google account. That way, no matter where I was, there was my mail (a tip to Mike Azzara referenced in this column). If I had done the column on Everyone.net last year, I may be using them instead of Google.

It took some time to transition from cursing Google Read the rest of this entry »

Novell Quarterly Earnings Comments

March 4, 2008

As you may know, 11 of my 16 books have “NetWare” in the title. Many people ask why I quit writing NetWare books after my “Mastering NetWare 6” book came out in March 2002, almost exactly six years ago.

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The Problem with E-Mail

March 3, 2008

What’s the problem with e-mail, beyond spam? The basic format and usability of e-mail hasn’t improved in the last decade or so, that’s what. Why are we still stuck using e-mail the same way we did in 1998?

Frank Ohlhorst’s article “The Problem with E-mail” goes Read the rest of this entry »