Pick on Apple Season?

Recent stories make my recent complaints about disappointment in my Leopard upgrade look downright cheerful. Aren’t apples picked in the fall? Why is spring this year pick on Apple time?

The big slap is from ComputerWorld and the story about ditching the Mac and going back to PCs. MacFans in the past got pretty riled up about these stories, often suggesting the IT world would be much better if Apple was the dominant player and Microsoft had the five to seven percent market share. That may be true, but that’s just as likely to happen as seeing gasoline in the US drop down to $1.00 per gallon by summer.

Most important, and likely to be overlooked, is ComputerWorld’s contention you should pick the tool best suited to solve your problem. That’s exactly the idea I put forth in my Network World column Task. Process. Tools. Identify the task, define your process, then pick the tools to make your process of solving the task work best.

Next, Rob Enderle, a smart guy I’ve had the pleasure to speak to a few times, will get blasted for being anti-Mac but he’s really doing a business analysis of Apple as a brand and as a corporation. “Where Apple is Most Exposed” doesn’t mean Apple is bad or wrong, just that business changes reorient the market landscape regularly. Weak points get hacked, both in operating systems and corporations. Smart stuff, Rob.

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