ManageFusion Topics

I’ll talk about this more, but let me just hit probably the hottest topic of interest and success for users attending ManageFusion: virtualization. I’ve talked to many users reporting a drop in physical servers from dozens to a handful, all due to server virtualization.

If you only have a handful of servers now, talk to your technology advisor about virtualization before adding another hardware box. Fewer servers means biggers servers, but you still save money, floorspace, and cooling expenses.

The next virtualization frontier, desktop virtualization, took another step forward as Altiris/Symantec announced their plan to purchase AppStream. Altiris had been reselling the AppStream product, so this makes sense. Read this report filed by Joe Henick, a reporter sitting two seats down from me at the announcement.

As we say in Texas, the big’uns eat the little’uns. You know that saying is from Texas because it was originally about football.

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