Laptop Safety Seminar – 1

The first Laptop Safety Seminar will be Wednesday, April 23rd, in Indianapolis. Here’s the Web site and information.

Kim Brand and I spent all day yesterday working out the presentation. Really, I should call the result a script, because we’re approaching this much more like a show than a typical presentation. What do you think of this tag line Kim came up with:

Changing 4 hours of boring PowerPoints into 115 minutes of laptop fun.

If you’re in the Indianapolis area, please check out the seminar. It costs money to get in, but you’ll receive far more value in free products and information than you’ll spend on the entrance fee. And if you’re connected to any group involved with the Laptop Safety Seminar, such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Indiana State Bar, Ball State University School of Business, BNI, Rainmarkeres, or even a Staples customer, you get the discount.

Come on downtown to see us, learn about how to protect your laptop so it won’t get lost or stolen, or if it does, you’ll get it back and be sure the data is safe. Lost laptops trigger about half the big data leaks in the news lately. Come to our Laptop Safety Seminar, and you laptop will never make the wrong headlines.

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