Indiana Data Breach Law

Indiana just updated their laws concerning personal information loss by businesses. We’re lucky enough to have one of Baker & Daniels leading attorneys, Kevin Erdman, at our Laptop Safety Seminar to talk about the requirements for companies to report the loss of personal information to the Attorney General.

Most references agree that about half of all data breaches are not the work of determined hackers but lost or stolen laptops. When a laptop full of private information gets lost, CNN takes notice. Isn’t that a terrible way for a company to learn about a problem, when CNN or 60 Minutes calls?

Of course, laptops with full disk encryption don’t make headlines when they’re lost, because no one can read the data on those laptops. At the Laptop Safety Seminar, we’ll explain the difference between full disk encryption and encrypted folders, and why only the first provides real protection. And that Windows boot up password? Useless.

One Response to Indiana Data Breach Law

  1. Lucas Lomax says:

    In the landscape of security there seems to be two 800 pound gorillas. Authentication (or access verification) and file encryption. Studies evidence about 70% of attacks happen internally within the LAN (Local Area Network). The key to stopping security breaches is to prevent them from happening. The key to preventing these breaches is at the sign-on level as well as all areas which require login and passwords. Biometric User Authentication is the most effective easy-to-use method in the marketplace.

    Full disk encryption is a very robust security solution; however, the encryption only takes place when the pc/laptop is powered off. If the computer is left on a thief will have full access to everything in the computer.

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