Laptop Safety Seminar – 2

We had a full house at our first Laptop Safety Seminar on Wednesday in Indianapolis. Thanks to the law firm of Baker & Daniels for hosting the event, and thanks to the vendors who sent information and door prizes, including and their LoJack for Laptops, Carbonite online backup service, and the Staples Business Advantage program.

Kim Brand, CEO of FileEngine, teamed up with me for the presentation. We had video clips, music, jokes, some heart-stopping laptop loss moments, and four hours of seminar mashed into two fast and fun hours. People took away a notebook binder full of discount coupons for products to protect their laptop inside (data) and out (the physical unit).

Included in the notebook is the 48 page Laptop Safety Seminar Workbook. If you want a copy for yourself, send me a not at james at

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