More Free Software, So Backup

To give equal time to PC Magazine after running PC World’s free software article, let me point now to The Best Free Software on PC World. Many entries are the same, but there are enough differences to make your perusal worthwhile.

One area computer users always underestimate is backup. Check out the backup items on the two lists, and start using something to protect yourself

You can also get 2GBs of free online backup at, one of the two leading online backup services., the other service, generated some rumors about a free amount of backup space, but nothing official yet.

If you search for “online backup services” you’ll find hundreds of options., now owned by AOL, offers 5GBs of free storage, and they include a backup program now.

You no longer have an excuse for avoiding backups. If you knew that recovery services charge a minimum of $1000 for hard drive reconstruction, as I do, you may be more interested in backing up your files for free. Free rather than paying $1000 sounds like a great deal to me.

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