Hackers Love Small Businesses

At least someone loves your small business, right? Too bad it’s a hacker.

So says Enterprise Security Today in their article “Small Business Means Big Business for Hackers.” If big businesses have problems, do small businesses have any hope?

Actually, you have quite a bit, and in some ways you’re better off than some of the big businesses. Smaller groups of people work together better than large groups, so a close-knit small business will naturally see more employee interaction than even departments in big businesses. The IT people are closer to other employees in small businesses, and they often work close to everyone else, rather than stuck in the basement in a “nerdery.”

Small businesses have a more defined culture, and that culture can be updated easier than in larger companies. So keep in mind most security mistakes happen from the inside out, help create a culture of security in your business, and help your tech folks keep your company safe.

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