A Gaskin on Oprah

There will be a Gaskin featured on Oprah today, but unfortunately, not me. See adorable Lily Gaskin on Oprah’s show about the Smartest kids in America – here’s the blurb about her special talent. She’s 26 months old and can find any country on a world map.

Lily’s father is also named James Gaskin. He’s my cousin Tom’s son, which makes him my second cousin if I remember the cousin rules correctly.

James is a clever kid. When my first book came out in 1993, I gave Tom a copy. James took the book to his middle school and convinced some of his friends he wrote the book. This told me two things: James is persuasive, and he needs smarter friends.

I’m sorry to say I haven’t met Lily or her mother Nikki, because I’m in the Dallas area and Tom lives in Virginia, and James spent several years in Los Angeles. But it’s nice to see any Gaskin make headlines, especially when they’re from my part of the family.

Go, Lily, Go.

One Response to A Gaskin on Oprah

  1. Diane Gaskin says:

    It was very interesting to find this article on a Gaskin. Unfortunately I have never been able to trace my family tree as settlers arrived in South Africa and that is all I know.

    Congratulations to Lily and her parents.

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