Data Leaks from Inside Out

ComputerWorld had a great article last month about training employees not to give away company secrets. Read about stopping employees from leaking your personal data.

Almost always, employees don’t leak data on purpose. They just aren’t prepared to deal with motivated social engineering hackers trying to get information to help them spy on your company. Since most people are honest, they assume others are honest. The only employees constantly paranoid and afraid of others stealing data are either stealing data themselves, or they work in security. Sometimes you can’t trust the security people, either, so remember that next time you want to stay up all night sweating instead of sleeping.

One example in the article references how gambling casinos protect their “data” which is literally money for them. People watch other people in sensitive situations. People who know they are watched tend to be much more trustworthy than those who think they are working in the dark, out of sight of everyone else in the company.

This is why some office supply catalogs sell fake surveillance cameras. When you put those up around a warehouse, thefts drop considerably. Maybe you should put some fake cameras up, or send e-mails to every employee mentioning the new activity tracking software you just installed.

Whether there actually is software is another story for another time. If hackers can use social engineering to trick employees into giving up secrets, you can use social engineering to help employees resist those hackers.

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