Tech Support Costs vs Plumbing

People using technology like to complain about service and support prices. Let me tell you that tech support costs aren’t out of line with the rest of the world, based on the estimate for the two plumbers working to replace two faucets in my house at this very minute.

Replacing two faucets, which I already bought, will cost at least $408 and may go to $658 depending on how much they have to replace along with the faucets. There are two plumbers, which often happens. Maybe two techs on site to fix your computer systems would make the pricing more palatable?

This work is to get the house looking nice for my wife’s book club meeting tomorrow night. To be fair, we maybe should have replaced the faucets earlier, but still, ouch.

On the other hand, with technical support you sometimes pay for no solution, because the tech can’t figure things out. I have no doubt I will have two working faucets when the plumbers leave. I will also be out the price of a decent desktop computer or low-end name brand laptop when they wave goodbye. Ouch.

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