What You Know That’s Wrong

One of my favorite “Grandma” sayings that apply to technology, and there are many, is that “it isn’t what you don’t know that will hurt you, but what you know that’s wrong.” While technology is new, people aren’t, and human nature traits Grandma learned still apply today.

Hence a nice article of “30 Tech Myths Debunked” from Network World via PC World India. Many of these myths are just common sense, and you realize they are wrong if you think just a little bit. Many others used to be true or at least partially true, but the march of time and technology changed the rules.

Some of the rules apply to individual PC users rather than businesses, such as the myth that “gaming is addictive, distractive, and kills productivity” and the like. Hey, people have wasted time at work for years going back through Solitaire to crosswords puzzles to gossip. People are people, no matter what type of computer they sit behind.

Go through the list and see how many times you’re surprised by the answer. Mark how many times you’re right or wrong on the answers, even if you just track the answers that apply to business us. If you tend to be right most of the time, great. If you’re wrong most of the time, fix that. Read some technical Web sites, go to a technology conference and talk to vendors (you can almost always get a free ticket to the exhibits area) and maybe trust your technical advisor a bit more.

One Response to What You Know That’s Wrong

  1. Joel says:

    This is certainly a crucial epistemological principle! I believe it originated with Will Rogers.

    I “discovered” your blog after reading your recent article: “Whatever happened to AI?” which I found interesting and well written.

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