Geek Squad With Guns

File this under “Technology WAS Broken” because this is another example of idiots breaking technology. Why do we let politicians loose on the street without supervision?

You know how Texas loves guns? Better not piss of your computer tech if this law stays on the books. In Texas, thanks to Rep. Joe Driver in the Texas Legislature, who hid a law evidently written entirely by lobbyists into the end of the year rush. See if we should nominate Driver for the Idiot of the Year award after you read this editorial.

If you believe the movies and hard-boiled noir books, every PI packs heat. Next time you call the Geek Squad, they may come armed with more than screwdrivers and troubleshooting CDs. Hands up and step away from the computer!

This argument surfaces now and then, because people searching through sensitive should have some liability in some cases. Maybe it’s the PI lobby that convinced the weak-minded Driver to do their bidding. Maybe it’s the group opposing this law that fooled him into plopping such an awful pile of legislation on the floor of the state capitol, so the uproar would bring spotlights on the stupidity of the law and get it changed.

Stay tuned for Jay Leno and David Letterman to weigh in. Can a “Top 10 Mistakes By Gun-Toting Geeks” be in our future?

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