Verizon Sucks

** Update 8/1/08, 3:15pm: my in-laws finally have phone service. It only took four hours on hold and two visits from a Verizon tech, but they do have phones once again. **

Verizon renamed themselves away from GTE (at least in the Texas area) to get away from their decades-old stigma of lousy phone service multiplied by lousier customer service. New names don’t help any more than painting your 1972 Pinto a new color will turn it into a 2008 Mustang. Terrible service and worthless management can’t be painted over.

My in-laws lost their house to a fire in January. Rebuilding went down to the bricks in some places, and wall studs in others. Complete loss, complete rebuild.

When they tried to move their phone number to their temporary apartment abode during home reconstruction, Verizon wouldn’t do it. This was a Verizon land line they’d had for maybe 25 years or so int two different homes. The Verizon rep told them they only thing they could do was forward the old number to the new number.

OK, said my father-in-law, accepting that he’d have to pay for two phone lines for the duration. Forward that number.

We can’t do it, said the Verizon reps, only you can do it. Get this: they were told to call from their old phone to request the forwarding service. Yes, the phone in a house that burned down. Yes, calling on phones that had turned into lumps of melted plastic with metal bits sticking out.

My in-laws were so shell shocked with their loss they didn’t fight, and wouldn’t let me do it for them. They expected to live with the problem until moving back to their rebuilt house.

Now Verizon can’t be bothered to come hook up the telephone cable from the pole to their house. The electricians have the phone wiring ready, but Verizon won’t come and hook the cable to the phone panel on the house.

Anyone working for Verizon want to offer a reason for this insanity? Anyone ever received good service from Verizon the last few years?

My in-laws are actively looking to get broadband phone service using the cable company, bundling with TV and Internet access. I encourage that.

Anyone wonder why Verizon’s land line customer base drops by about 7-8 percent per year? Anyone with half a brain left in Verizon executive positions? Evidently not.

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  2. Ken says:

    Why does this not surprise me… Its never amazement when I read stories like this and see the names Verizon, Qwest, ATT (or Bellsouth or GTE) or SomeCompany Wireless.. Most of those guys are the worst at customer service knowing good and well they could have moved the number, but just didnt want to be bother and wanted to sell another phone line for the couple of months the in-laws were displaced)

  3. william says:

    I work in Verizon in NJ. I know ehre there would be two ways to resolve this. I am fairly sure that either or both would work inh yoru state. I am mad that no one has been able to solve this. Please email me and I will assist you. I am sorry about the fire and equally sorry we’ve failed you.

    • Anh Ngo says:

      Hello Williams,

      I had bad experienced with Verizon store in Frisco, Tx, going to cancel order the store did not honestly and turning into sour voice to me. Bill statement came and charge ridiculous which they never said it would charge from what date to what date billing cycle which i still had Tmobile…So i cancel in 14 days brough phone back to the store, but forgot 2 charger from my son phone which they hold me back in the store over 4-5 hours by the time I asking them stayed after 9 Pm I’m going to get it. None of them will stayed for customers and either I come back early tomorrow when they first open. None of them willing to do it ( Jonathan, Christine or Courtney) all 3 them think this Worl is belongs to all 3 of them…They raised their voice and look nesty over your face….How can I am going to be their customer? I’m try to going with BBB and Attorney General in Texas filing complaint this store.

  4. Calhoun says:

    It is possible that that the phone line couldn’t be moved because of a difference in Central Offices. If one area is served by CO A and another is served by CO B, there has to be a physical connection (circuit) specifically built to move the number. Up North, it was called a Foreign Exchange circuit and was more trouble in time to implement as well as costs to be worth it. It also wasn’t a service that was universally available.

    Now, in regards to the forwarding, that was bull shavitz. Repair should have been able to implement the forwarding. Some areas also have Remote Call Forwarding whereby the number could be forwarded to another or forwarded directly to voicemail.

    I used to work for Verizon; 10 years I gave to them. They gave me a lot back in return but the way they’ve managed the business and put former and current employees at risk as well as discounted the meaning of ‘customer’ has been a shame.

  5. Shane says:

    What I think is most distressing is that there isn’t a quick solution for this kind of thing in place. Buildings burn down all the time – why would a phone company not be able to redirect lines, send out repair trucks, to make the client happy. You’d think they would deal with this thing on a regular basis with renovations, fires, or simple accidents like a pole being taken out by a tree.

    Sad. I hope the problem is resolved and I support the change to broadband phone. And I hope your in-laws are well.

    That said, maybe William a few comments above can help out. At least someone is helping out! Thanks William!

  6. Verizon sucks, they have the worst customer service ever. If they took 10% of the money they blow on marketing and invested it into rebuilding their customer service, they would be a lot better.

  7. Michael says:

    Have the ‘rents report the phone at the burned out address as out of order. Meet the truck and have the repair guy dig up the end of the wire from the yard and splice a new termination block on it.

    Then plug in HIS butt-set to call the ‘helpful’ service lady from the original address and get the forwarding feature turned on.

    Since repair folks often get a bonus for selling extra features, maybe he’ll even do the calling for you to claim his bonus…then you call and cancel within the month.

    15 years working for competitors…priceless

  8. Myra says:

    Verizon blows! of course they are able to forward the number! This day and age we should be able to at least forward the number to a voicemail service. They really lack the effort in helping someone out especially when their house got burnt down to the ground..and even if they did tried to make the call from the melted chunk of plastic with metal spearing out of it…are they gonna cover the medical bill? Bite me Verizon!

  9. Flash Buddy says:

    I don’t have a comment on the melted phone, just want to chime in with Verizon Sucks! It can’t be said enough apparently.

  10. Jill says:

    Add me to your list of dissatisfied Verizon customers. We recently moved to a new city and required some new telephone equipment in our home. Verizon made an appointment with me to come and install the equipment – told me I had to be there ALL DAY, from 8:00am – 5:00pm. I took the day off work and they never showed up. I raised hell with their customer service and got a supervisor to promise me that a tech would be out the next morning from 8:00am – 12:00pm to handle the installation. Well…….you guessed it….again, no tech. I called the Public Utilities Commission and lodged a complaint for what good it will do. If I had a choice in local phone companies, I’d kick Verizon to the curb tomorrow.

  11. John says:

    I switched to Fios last month and in 11 months I will be leaving Verizon for ever.
    Why? broken promises, lousy service, higher cost. The hidden fees wil kill you, and the promise of free movie channels never happened. Their techs must be in junior high or maybe it is bring your kid to work day whenever I call. They tell you it costs 99 a month but each box costs about 8 bucks so I am paying almost 170 because I have 4 TVs. My DVR was supposed to be free for three months but I am paying 20 bucks for that also. All because their salesmen did not enter the information correctly and the offers I sugned up for are not offered anymore so it is “sorry bout your luck” for me. They better enjoy the money they get from me in the coming year because as soon they as I can, I am gone.

  12. kev says:

    They have the worst DSL service. Their customer service reps don’t even understand the difference between kps and mps. More they outsource, worse their quality has become. I can’t even understand what the tech support people say. I only hear reboot the router and PC.

  13. lukes1014 says:

    Yes, Verizon DSL does suck–big time. I’ve switched to Comcast permanently. The reason I switched: I have this friend who works as a network specialist for Verizon. And he told me that if I gave him the name an address of anyone within his area he could run a report on their surfing habits and give a copy to me. I didn’t believe him so, I gave him the address of several of my co-workers. Low and behold! The things you can tell about a person from their surfing habits. I learned that one of my co-workers, a woman of 45 is trying to get pregnant by using a sperm bank. Who knew? The way she rejects the guys in the office, we though she was a dyke. She has been doing online searches for sperm banks in the area. She even placed an online ad for sperm donors. Why must they always have a high IQ? Anyway, my boss, he is 65, wears incontinence pads. Now I know what was in the paper sack he carries into the bathroom. And he orders them wholesale online. These surfing reports were becoming addictive. So I gave my friend at Verizon my neighbors names and addresses. I discovered that the couple next door visits all sorts of dirty porn sites at night, one was dealing with bestiality. Although, it could be just the him, because his wife works most week nights. My neighbor to the right of me, so sad, I believe she has pancreatic cancer. We can tell because she is constantly searching for treatment articles on the internet. She has always looked sickly to me. Now I know why. Yes, I am a hypocrite. Albeit I like the reports, I would not want to be spied. My friend tells me that half of the network specialist at Verizon are running these reports for their friends and many are doing it for money. For the record, Verizon’s policy is that they do not engage in this sort of thing. Off they record, maybe not Verizon, but their employees sure do. The thing of it is, I don’t think it is against the law, though it may be unethical for the employees to do that. I must admit this is addicitive. Now I want to know about my shady pastor and if only I knew the address of the rude cashier who works at the WaWa not far from me. What a bitch! I would like to know her secrets. I guess after all Verizon is good for something.

  14. warren says:

    It is true Verizon does not care about their customers. They give you no satisfaction what so ever and I pay for DSL and get nothing more than dial up. I have observed their crew working on a particular pole where I live and there has to be hundreds of wires they work with on this particular pole, and every time they screw around with these wires, my service gets worse. I think that part of my service problem also lies within the facility at Kendal Square, Cambridge. But like I said they don’t care. Time for change.

  15. Matthew says:

    I’ve used their Wireless Internet for about a year, which sucked! So, I had it cancelled. But they wanted to charge me a $150.00 or so termination fee. I was only getting like 3Kb/s at the time, too… for a YEAR! That was my fault. However, they waived the early termination fee after sending a technician out to see if my area had poor reception. I also have a phone with them with a 900 minute plan. I’ve had no issues with it and they charge only $5.00 if you’re late on your bill. Not a bad deal, although there’s no roll-over minutes. If you have a problem with a company, just speak to the politely about it while telling them what you want done. You must keep in mind the customer service representative is just the first level of service. Some times you need to be willing to talk sincerely and politely and things will get done at much more of ease. But what this guy posted is BS! That’s uncalled for.

  16. andrew says:


    Verizon just blows.

    Had to call Verizon re pin: number for the Internet payment. I was instructed at the site that a pin number would arrive in 2 min. I did not recive me my pin number in two or 5 min or ever.
    So I called – 20 mins on hold when some one name Shane, tells me that he can not help me and is going patch me over to another dept. they answered in 3 min. A Anand answers , then we have to have conference call with billing dept, when the billing dept gets on the phone this takes 5 mins later. A Bill Lesion, he has to call me back because the connection is so messed up , it sounds like Bill is under water and recorded message is playing in the background. So Bill does call back all the while listing to a recorded message in the back ground well it was not so much in the back ground it was more like talking over us by this time I have been on the phone for about an 1hr now. Now we are waiting again while Bill hooks us up to yet another Dept., the “e center”(the same one that Shane works at), we wait for another 20 minutes for some one from there e center to answer the phone. A woman gets on the line and she seems to think she can help Bills Lesion says you have this now and he is going to leave us.
    As soon a he hangs up the call drops
    Wasted 1 and half hours.

  17. Joann says:

    Hi All –

    I work with a law firm that’s investigating Verizon Wireless’ practice of charging California consumers a flat $5 late fee and whether the practice violates California’s consumer rights laws.

    Customers are charged a late fee if they don’t pay bills on time but according to California state law there may be some issues with charging a fixed late fee as a penalty. There may also be issues with charging all customers the same flat fee, regardless of the cost of monthly plans.

    As part of the investigation, Hagens Berman wants to hear from any Verizon customer living in California who’s paid at least one late fee in the past four years.

    You can contact the firm at or (206) 623-7292. More information on the investigation is on the firm’s Web site,

  18. madashell says:

    Can I tell yall again how much these cocksuckers suck!!!!! These non english speaking, phone service hating bastards are the worst! Hellro, dis is Rombe speaking to you, how can the verizon be of the service to you? Where do these assholes live? I spoke to one dingdong from the fucking Philippines telling me how sorry he was then transfered me to some prick from fucking Mumbai. Are these assholes even incorcorated in the USA. My service has been out for three days and these Dicks have promised a service rep everyday since then. If there was only a little competition in town maybe we would not have to put up with this shit. I can only pray for the day that fucking Verizon is shut down and the assholes in charge are hung by their damn sack for all of us poor fuckers that have had to deal with their shit to sit back and clap!!! FUCK VERIZON. Oh, Do I sound disgruntled?

  19. madashell says:

    I am so damn mad that I made a grammatical error, I meant that we “can sit back” and clap

  20. Anon says:

    Verizon is truly the worst company I have ever dealt with. Cell phone, internet, all of it. Worst service, worst business. Once these contracts are over, I will never ever ever ever deal with them again. Get a F***ing clue guys!

  21. johnny says:

    Verizon is the worst service company in America. They make it practically impossible to call in a problem on either voice or DSL. On voice problems, they simply try to prevent customers from talking to a person and put them through this automated line that tells you their diagnostic test either works or is inconclusive. It never once confirms a problem. We had a major outage in Cranbury, NJ in Oct. People were being told there was no problem for half a day and that the diagnostic test indicated no problem.

    Before that I lost dialtone once a month for 4 months straight. Same nonsense answers. Finally on the fourth call, a technician came out and replaced a circuit card in the pedestal by my driveway. Verizon apparently does not like to dispatch technicians when things break – they prefer to tell you there is no problem via their automated line.

    But DSL customer service is the absolute worst. Two weeks without service. The helpless desk in India readily answers the phone. Unfortunately, they are only good for questions on how to set up email, etc. They actually had a neighbor take all of her digital photos off the computer and put them on DVDs when she lost DSL service. (We all lost it). Everytime I called, I got India. They kept insisting their test indicated my service worked but they can’t tell you what they test. They closed my service ticket over and over. Maybe 12 calls back and forth over 10 days with them and one Indian “supervisor” admitted that the network team in the US won’t send a technician on their request if this test works. The Verizon Indian call center is the absolute biggest waste of time I have ever encountered. I guess if they pay their people $2 an hour, they can afford to outlast you on the phone – and the do.

    Finally, I found an executive escalation number. I was transferred to some very helpful folks. Unfortunately by this time, I had no service for most of 2 weeks and it was pretty clear that Verizon doesn’t know what is going on with its network and remote terminals.

    I switched to cable modem at considerable expense because I simply cannot waste this amount of time dealing with a company whose protocols for service outages are designed to prevent a customer from calling in a service problem.

    My advice: STAY AWAY!

  22. Ron says:

    I absolutely hate Verizon. I have their FIOS pkg including internet, phone and tv and just try to get customer service from them-they totally suck. You pretty much have to be on the phone going through automated responses and wait time totalling 30 minutes before you are lucky enough to get a speaking person, not necessarily alogically speaking person -just a human voice.

    They have lied every step along the way since I signed what I was told a locked in 2 year price and services. However, they keep changing the rules along the way and increasing the price. I about ready to eat the $200 early termination fee and drop them cold. They are a bunch of thieves, liars and whatever nice words you can find for them.

  23. I'de rather have V.D. than Verizon says:

    I hope verizon crumbles. They take your money and give you shite! If you are considering giving verizon “a shot”….forget it. It is not worth it.
    Believe me…it is not worth it. Do not waste your money or time…
    Ahhh…I remember the good days when I could use the phone, internet, or watch T.V. and not worry if it would work every time. Now, I dread if there is a problem. Spending 2+ hours on the phone with these shysters – any time there is a problem that a 4 year old could have avoided – is not worth $200.00+/ month. If you like being gang raped in a dark alley while being laughed at by all of those “verizon network” people…then feel free to sign up.
    Down with verizon!

  24. axelrose says:

    Have a problem – call management directly at Verizon:

    Manager Diane Danielson 412-497-1725. She can solve your complaint and would be happy to do it.

  25. Donna says:

    I concur – Verizon Residential is the most horrible experience I have ever had. I am in rural Oregon and unfortunately, if I want DSL or phone land line, I have to use Verizon. Strangely, though, I LOVE Verizon Wireless… a matter of fact, they gave me a free hour of cell phone time since I was being put on hold for so long with Verizon Residential. Long story short, they disconnected me by mistake, and can’t seem to get me reconnected. I was transferred so many times I have lost track (once to a Sex hot line) –treated rudely 95% of the time. I fought with them over my cell phone for 3 days, until Friday evening came and I was finally advised that their “business office” had to help me and they are only open M-F. Comcast thought they could service us, but when the tech came out, it was not possible until they come out further with their line. I am very seriously considering cancelling our land line altogether, but still need to deal with them for DSL. Thanks for the avenue to vent.

  26. Jay says:

    I think Verizon should be made illegal. Their efforts to collect money are nothing short of extortion. Somebody put an end to this miserable company. Somebody prosecute these criminals!
    They change the deal on the fly. When you sign up their dumb salesmen will tell you one thing and when the bill comes you got another thing coming. They tell you calls to Mexico will be $0.10 a minute and you get a bill for $3/minute. Then they are as stubborn as a dumb monkey wanting his banana. What is the customer’s recourse except not pay the stupid bill? I told them I consider that bill illegal and will never do business with that company, I don’t care if Jesus runs the company.

  27. Carl W. Hart says:

    I switched to Verizon from Comcast a few weeks ago for cable, internet and telephone. While installing the internet software from the installation CD, I suddenly saw that I had just agreed to their Game Lounge web site and their Security and Backup Bundles. I NEVER meant to do that. It was VERY obvious that the CD is deliberately designed to sneak that by the customer. Of course it is impossible to undo it. I have been trying for two months now to cancel them both, and sure enough, every month there they are on my bill. I now HATE Verizon.

  28. neil says:

    Verizon does suck!
    I filed their required paperwork to cancel my acct because i moved out of their service area, but they keep billing me. The supervisor says when I paid the final bill it reactivated the account and they can’t do nothing about it, and can’t see the cancellation paperwork because it’s not their dept, and somehow by paying the final bill I “must have wanted to keep the service.” The cust serv supervisor’s name is “John” and he’s obviously been told to find any way to deny former customer’s their just due.

    Verizon is great as long as you’re paying the bill, but try and cancel, even file the proper paperwork! … and they become a fraud.

  29. Maggie says:

    I’m frustrated beyond words with these idiots. The only other option in this area for Internet is Comcast, and they’re (if anything) worse.

    I’m constantly having issues with this company, with lost connection (DSL, hello?) and over the top infuriated with the script that they read from.

    I’m on hold again and again, it usually takes the better part of a morning to be done with these dolts. They can’t skip ahead on the script, and they have no goddamned idea what the fuck.

    OF COURSE I have filters on my phones. YES, the modem is the same one I bought from you. NO the goddamned phone cable is not 10′ long.

    This happens every 3-4 months. I’m going to start logging my connection speed on a daily basis. I’m sure it starts dropping off until I eventually notice, but at the very least I’d like to talk to someone about only paying for what I’m getting for. I imagine if there was an Internet meter I’d be saving lots of money that I’m otherwise throwing away.


  30. A Sch says:

    When we signed up for FIOS on Nov. 5, 2007, we were promised a $100.00 gift certificate in the 13th month of our subscription. Well, it’s like pulling teeth. I called on Nov. 24, 2008 and spoke with T. who told me I will get it in the next few weeks. She said her computer instructed her that no further action was required. No dough yet! Ticked off I called again on Jan. 28, 2009 and spoke with D. who assured me I’ll have it by the end of Febr. 2009. No dough yet! What’s up with Verizon?

  31. David says:

    Verizon blows…

    worst service ever. I set up Verizon “FIOS” Internet and they never sent me ANYTHING. No Account Number, No Email, NOTHING except an OverDue Bill when I shut down the Account with AutoPay….Now they can’t help me on the phone to pay the damned Overdue bill…

    See you in hell Verizon

  32. Chris Carpenter says:

    Everything that has been said above is true. I heard that the Pres. of Verizon said they don’t even care about thier landlines and all that goes with them they are only concerning themselves with wireless telephone service from now on. Where I live Verizon is the ONLY phone service. Hmmmm. What’s a person to do?

  33. Affliction says:

    Do they actively go out and hire incompetent, lazy, morons to work for Verizon?!?!?! My experiences are the same as other people who learn the hard way or don’t have any other choice in their area but to use their shitty service. I called to get a problem with my phone line fixed. Instead of a 4 hr block, I get a 10 hr block. We all know that means 9 hrs of waiting for a possibility of the incompetent moron showing up to do his job, or a reschedule. So I get a call from the worker that he’s 20 miles away, and this work should’ve gone to someone else, and that he was given the wrong address. Nothing but excuses for him being a fucking lazy bastard. I call their dispatch and get the run around. They call me back and tell me I gave the wrong address, even though I verified 3 times. I explain it’s because the fat, lazy bastard doesn’t want to drive across town to do his fucking job. So then they schedule me for the next day and expect me to wait all day for them to show. I’m going about my own routine. I told those idiots to call me before their next fat, lazy bastard is to arrive, then I’ll slowly return home, to sit around, and wait for him to work for a living.

    This company is such a fucking joke.

  34. Rob O'Grady says:

    DO NOT purchase the Verizon USB Wireless Airport Card. It is a complete rip. The wireless service is good for about 2-4 hours of airtime per month…which they do not tell you when buying it. Fees start out at $39.99+ tax per month. They don’t tell you that the card falls under a two-year contract. They also don’t tell you about the horrid overage charges that incur once you’ve used up the titsy-bitsy amount of airtime service. HUGE, HUGE RIPOFF. SHAME ON YOU VERIZON!

  35. J says:

    I will NEVER use Verizon again. We signed on with Verizon and were told our bill would be 113.00 dollars including tax. We get our first bill and its $167.00!! When called, they said our next bill would be less. Next bill rolls in and is still more than we agreed to, $148.00. Called back and couldn’t get an actual person to speak with. Everything is automated when you call. My home phone never has a dial tone and when it does, the call is always dropped. My internet and fios TV doesn’t come on until I unplug everything from the wall and plug it back in, also have to turn off the router box and turn back on. When I finally got a hold of a ‘representative’, the only thing they could tell me was nothing was wrong and that I should just continue to unplug it from the wall. Verizon is the WORST and I mean WORST company to use! Would stick with BrightHouse or pretty much anything else. DO NOT LET THEM FOOL YOU! Verizon is a rip off.

  36. Norma Segui says:

    if you do not want to be frustrated with a bad company, stay away from verizon. They are rude and do not give a crap if you cannot get service. Of course, they promise you the world..well twice they have let me down. I went to Bahamas and they said my Blackberry would work. IT DID NOT! Then how do they fix it? They said “they will credit me for days it did not work” really? I want to see how you can make me pay for service not received..YOU SUCK verizon..truly suck!!!

  37. rev. hamer says:

    Statement of FACT’s

    1. They VERIZON knew they had no signal in MY area (on a Hill 08012-4727) and sold me the plans and the usb and the phones – FRAUD!
    2. Their ENGINEER further said, “a lot of complaints in this area 08012-4727” and there is “NO RELIABLE SIGNAL @ your location for ALL DEVICES”; however (the RED VERIZON MAP shows the connetivity pins) – Misrepresentation!
    3. They have given me Credit for early termination due to “NO RELIABLE SIGNAL @ your location for ALL DEVICES” & “a lot of complaints in this area 08012-5727” for the USB, But not for either of the two cell phones. THEFT BY DECEPTION!

    1. I have complained about the connectivity and dropped connections (2) two cell phones and (1) usb internet device(s) for over a year and then…

    a. They verizon issued a trouble ticket after a years worth of complaints.
    b. Their engineer, – after a (3) three day study – said, “NO RELIABLE SIGNAL @ your location for ALL DEVICES” & A LOT OF COMPLAINTS IN THIS AREA”

    2. They issued a credit for early termination (USB)

    They keep changing the bills even though…They ADMIT BOTH Phones and the USB are Disconnected and Their ENGINEER said, “NO RELIABLE SIGNAL @ your location for ALL DEVICES”!
    Phones use same signals “NO RELIABLE SIGNALS” and NO CREDIT – just threats of collection agencys!

    3. Why are they billing me for NO RELIABLE SIGNAL and threatening me with a collection agency after crediting me $160.00 for the no USB SIGNAL (internet). Remember phones have internet signals – “NO RELIABLE SIGNAL” & “A LOT OF COMPLAINTS IN YOUR AREA” as stated by the VERIZON ENGINEER for the 08012-4727 area?

    ((USB) (856 745-3084) – (Phones) – (856 885-0578) & (856 885-3476))

  38. over the deep end says:

    OMG we are new customers and have had 4 bills with none of them correct?? I have now been on customer service waiting for a supervisor for 45 minutes. VERIZON is the worst service residential I have EVER experienced. No one knows what they are doing and just keep passing the buck. You never get a name or contact number to call back with follow up. They say they will call you to follow up and they do with incorrect info. I live in an area where it is either Verizon or Comcast and they are just as bad….Shame on USA for allowing a company of this size and generator of money to put customers through this HELL…

    • Anne says:

      Last year, I got problem with Verizon bill. I am go thru all the mess they made…Please refer your case to BBB they will forward to the upper they will contact you soonner. Good luck

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