The Olympics Are Censored – What Did You Expect?

This is another for the “technology WAS broken by idiots” pile. It seems high-minded journalists are just now discovering that the promised full access to the Internet for those covering the Olympics will not be delivered. They’re whining and crying and saying Chinese officials promised them full access without censorship, and now it seems various “problems” are blocking that access. Oh, grow up.

Of course the Olympics are censored – China remains one of the single most paranoid governments in power today. The Chinese government has bullied every single world-level auction and search site to blocking sites pertaining to anything anti-Chinese government, like stories on human rights and worker dignity, among others.

Of course the Chinese government promised everything would be wonderfully free and open, because they wanted the Olympics to show the world they are the fastest-rising financial power. Of course they lied to get the Olympics, because that’s what governments do all too often (have we found any Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq yet?). Of course the big companies and TV networks played along, because they want access to 1.3 billion potential customers and a world-wide viewing audience.

The only fools are the people who thought the Chinese leaders were telling the truth or that multi-national companies would demand fairness and openness. Huge companies only want more customers, and will say or do just about anything to increase their market share, including snuggle up to as many corrupt Chinese government officials as necessary.

Some news will get out, because it always does. Anyone smart enough to set up a satellite Internet connection, or modem through their satellite phone, will bypass the Internet blocks.

Sorry, but technology can’t fix broken governments or companies bending over to those broken governments.

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