Microsoft Disses Vista Once Again by Extending XP

This is starting to look like one of the soap operas where a guy marries one girl but keeps dating his old girlfriend. Microsoft said Vista is their new true love, but they just can’t give up XP yet.

Let me rephrase that. Microsoft is happy to dump XP and force us all into the clutches of Vista, but we darn pesky users keep throwing fits. When big big companies that send Microsoft truckloads of money each month yell loudly enough, even Steve Ballmer has to listen. So Microsoft once again allowed XP to remain a viable option. In effect, Mother Microsoft is saying the older child really is better than the youngster.

InformationWeek may have the best headline with “Windows XP Extension Reflect Vista’s Woes.” Yes, but for most of us, the woe is us when we install Vista.

Speaking of broken technology, I bought a new computer with Vista. Between HP and Microsoft, I’m not always sure who to blame for the pain and aggravation I’ve been going through getting the stupid thing up and running. Read all about it in my Smart Tech for Small Biz blog for ITworld. The last post in the series (Vista Out of Box Experience Part 4: Summary) may be a good place to start. If you then want more painful details, read the earlier posts.

Any questions why Microsoft is pushing Windows 7 down our throats? Or at leat the Windows 7 hype? The more they fill the news sites with Windows 7 vaporware, the less focus on Vista. And believe me, less Vista is a good thing.

One Response to Microsoft Disses Vista Once Again by Extending XP

  1. joel says:

    If this was a video, you could play “I Never Can Say Goodbye” (sung by Gloria Gaynor) in the background 🙂

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