Blagojevitch Screws Authorities, Senate Screwing Burris

This so belongs in the “Broken Process” category, even if it’s not directly technology. The entire mess, as Illinois authorities were too slow to push Governor “Gimme Mine” Blagojevitch out of office before he appointed Roland Burris to fill the rest of Obama’s Senate term, just gets funnier and funnier.

Everyone’s upset about what to do next and how to fix this mess. Guess what – it’s fixed. The Senate has to let Burris in, because the laws in Illinois say the governor gets to appoint the Senate replacement when it becomes necessary. Senators serve the states, not the federal government, so none of the DC DoGooders should have a say in the matter.

Here’s my advice to those Illinois residents all upset about this mess: quit electing rotten crooked bastards as your governor. The last gov is in jail, and this one will be. And if you can’t stop yourself from electing thieving weasels to office, make sure law enforcement has the tools and budgets to put them in jail before they screw up big things like Senate appointments.

The discussions about the fact that Burris has far more credentials to be a Senator than Sarah Palin does to be Vice President are left for another time.

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