Another “Linux Beats Vista” Story

Today the time changed. Powers That Be moved the dates that have been used for decades to make the time changes a couple of years ago, making the switch to and from Daylight Savings Time dicier than usual.

To my surprise, or maybe not, Microsoft Vista SP1 on a five month old HP computer did NOT handle the time change. Even when I went into the time settings and forced the computer to use Network Time Protocol to check the official Windows server at, it still didn’t make the hour jump for the right time. I had to set my brand new Vista computer manually to display the new time.

To my surprise, or maybe not, a six year old PC running a Linux distribution from Ubuntu (8.04) caught and made the time change automatically. Old PC with a BIOS made before the time change switch gets it right, brand new PC with Vista can’t.

Just another in the seemingly never ending “Vista sucks” story file.

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