Great Backup Warning

May 2, 2007

I don’t think I love this story just because I’m working on the How To Manual “Data Safety Using the Pirate Backup System (ARR)” but it comes at a great time. It seems the New York Times discovered the magazine Business 2.0 doesn’t follow their own advice about backup and lost their June 2007 entire issue. Stories, art, everything. Read the story here at least as long as the NY Times leaves it accessible without a password.

When the Times rolls it off into paid archives, I’ll find another posting to link. Maybe I can quote this article in sales material for my Pirate Backup System (ARR).

PodTech:Iomega 150d Video Review

April 24, 2007

A video review of the Iomega 150d, a new Network Attached Storage appliance from Iomega. The focus here is on the hardware details, and how RAID-1 and RAID-5 work and don’t work.

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