Does Microsoft trust Access?

May 17, 2007

I read this story about Microsoft’s team tracking driver issues with Vista, and one line jumped out and I screamed. The Microsoft manager proudly said they track all driver issues in a 4,000 row spreadsheet. That’s the worst possible way to keep a large amount of supposedly important data. Does Microsoft not trust their own personal database, Access? Do they trust SQL Server? A 4,000 row spreadsheet is aggressively stupid.

PodTech:Xcend Management Tips

May 7, 2007

Scott Hardie, vice president of technology services for Xcend Group talks over a noisy crowd at the Altiris ManageFusion07 event in Las Vegas in April 2007. Scott explains various techniques Xcend implemented for customers small and large using Altiris management products that won them the Altiris Partner of the Year award.

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IT Security Webinar from GT

May 5, 2007

Webinars abound today, and I ignore the majority. This one from Grant Thornton, one of the Big Four accounting firms (used to be Big Six, but…) may be worth the price of admission: free. Understanding IT Security and Corporate Data Theft is open to everyone, but you have to give them your e-mail address and create a login.

Great Backup Warning

May 2, 2007

I don’t think I love this story just because I’m working on the How To Manual “Data Safety Using the Pirate Backup System (ARR)” but it comes at a great time. It seems the New York Times discovered the magazine Business 2.0 doesn’t follow their own advice about backup and lost their June 2007 entire issue. Stories, art, everything. Read the story here at least as long as the NY Times leaves it accessible without a password.

When the Times rolls it off into paid archives, I’ll find another posting to link. Maybe I can quote this article in sales material for my Pirate Backup System (ARR).

PodTech:Beware the BSA

May 1, 2007

This clip from my keynote speech at the December 6th ITEC conference in Portland, Ore., explains the tactics used by the Business Software Alliance to bully mid-sized companies into paying software fines for software they may legally own, fueled by tips generated by huge rewards offered to disgruntled employees.

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PodTech:Intel Altiris Alliance

April 26, 2007

Gregory Bryant from Intel and Kevin Unbedacht from Altiris explain their new, closer working relationship, including features built into new Intel processors enabling easier management.

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