Dear Mark Zuckerberg: Grow a Pair

February 17, 2010

Will people ever stop running to lawyers when they get their feelings hurt? And will the people they file these nuisance suits against ever grow a pair and tell the whiners to shut up? Apparently not, if the recent lawsuit over privacy issues on Facebook is any indication. Yo, Mark, tell the whiners to stuff it.

Let’s see if I understand this: a free (repeat FREE) Web service, Facebook, exists solely to share information about what a person is doing or thinking with every friend and friend of a friend they can reach. Most of the information, at least the last six months, has been annoying as hell Farmville nonsense. No, I will not help you buy a cow.

Those who share information now want to hide some information, and they think Facebook is making it awkward or difficult or confusing in some way. So they call a lawyer. Surprise, surprise, the lawyer thinks they should file a lawsuit.

Advice to Mark: take care of those privacy issues the easy way: Throw the whiny idiots out of Facebook. Want more privacy? You got it. Afraid someone might see what an idiot you are from your Facebook drivel? Taken care of, quickly and easily.

Now let’s see if Mark can grow a pair with hair: block whiners from any direct Facebook activity, and block all mentions of the whiners in all other user comments and photo galleries. You want privacy, whiners? Here’s your privacy: you are persona non grata on Facebook, period.

Is Facebook wonderful? No. Do I use it? Sometimes. Do I get tired of Farmville and Mafia Wars and other nonsense? Absolutely. When Facebook annoys me, do I call a lawyer? Hell no, I go to another Web site, or go play tennis.

Facebook is a free service. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Problem solved. Go whine about something else.