Microsoft Disses Vista Once Again by Extending XP

December 24, 2008

This is starting to look like one of the soap operas where a guy marries one girl but keeps dating his old girlfriend. Microsoft said Vista is their new true love, but they just can’t give up XP yet. Read the rest of this entry »

Intel vPro and Altiris Update

November 17, 2007

Fred Jentgen, American Marketing Manager for Intel, and Kevin Unbedacht, Sr. Manager, Strategic Alliance Channel Sales for Altiris (now a part of Symantec), discuss the continued integration of Intel\’s vPro technology hooks into Altiris/Symantec software. Improvements on the initial feature set provide more ways to manage computers without actually touching them, which saves money as companies support their users. This interview was done at the fall ManageFusion 07 convention in Orlando.

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Dwain Kinghorn Altiris VP Engineering Speaks

November 17, 2007

Altiris users know Dwain as one of the brain trust of the Altiris product line. At the ManageFusion 07 conference in Orlando, Dwain talks about the Symantec integration and ways to convince your management to step up to a real network management suite of products.

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Steve Fairbanks on BackupExec System Recovery

November 4, 2007

Symantec product manager Steve Fairbanks discusses improvements in their BackupExec System Restore product during the Altiris ManageFusion user conference.

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PodTech:Community Blogging With BlogFusion

September 7, 2007

Dave Livingston, chief technology officer for Brainband Technology Services, explains and demonstrates their new community blogging product called BlogFusion. All the individual blog tools you expect from a service are there, and they\’ve added ways to organize communities of bloggers around central blog sites. The blog administrator handles control and management details, and the blog team members work as they do on personal blogs.

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PodTech:NTRGlobal 101

July 27, 2007

Andre Angel, president and CEO of NTRGlobal, gives an overview of their product line during the Dallas ITEC show. Back in their Dallas office, VP of Sales Julie Weiner demonstrates a remote control session and remote file transfer.

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PodTech:Free Software Choices

June 24, 2007

Kim Brand, CEO and founder of FileEngine, presents an overview of free Open Source Software at the Detroit ITEC conference. FileEngines use Novell\’s SuSE Linux as the foundation of their operating system, and Brand\’s service company supports Open Source in companies large and small, including schools, around the Indianapolis area.

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Does Microsoft trust Access?

May 17, 2007

I read this story about Microsoft’s team tracking driver issues with Vista, and one line jumped out and I screamed. The Microsoft manager proudly said they track all driver issues in a 4,000 row spreadsheet. That’s the worst possible way to keep a large amount of supposedly important data. Does Microsoft not trust their own personal database, Access? Do they trust SQL Server? A 4,000 row spreadsheet is aggressively stupid.

PodTech:Intel Altiris Alliance

April 26, 2007

Gregory Bryant from Intel and Kevin Unbedacht from Altiris explain their new, closer working relationship, including features built into new Intel processors enabling easier management.

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