PC Magazine Anti-Spyware Roundup

We may cure cancer before we cure spyware. That’s a terrible future fighting high-tech criminals, but that’s the kind of long hard fight with a short stick I see ahead of us.

That said, PC Magazine offers Nine Ways to Wipeout Spyware new on their Web site today. Even better, they offer a list of other products tested earlier, including warnings about products that do little or nothing except cost you money.

I don’t know the article author, Neil J. Rubenking, but he did a good job gathering and testing all the nine products in the test. Those types of reviews are always a pain and take more time than you expect, at least when I do them. Kudos to Neil and PC Magazine.

One Response to PC Magazine Anti-Spyware Roundup

  1. Joel Teo says:

    Well you have to hand it to the russian spyware gangs. The new world of cyber extortion by them is developing sooner than we expect.

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