Expensive Liquids

What is the most expensive liquid you buy regularly? Most people say gasoline immediately, but that’s not even close. The gallon of milk in your fridge costs more than the gallon of gas in your car.

Being Valentine’s Day, you might think of perfume, and that’s a good guess. But look around your office, and you’ll see the answer. Hiding inside your inkjet printers is a cartridge containing liquid that costs you more than $5000 per gallon.

Read all about it from The Grouse at one of my favorite magazines, Popular Science. While the grousing is fun (don’t you visualize an old man yelling at kids to get off the lawn?) the takeway for this article is that prices have shifted. If you’re big into printing photos, your own inkjet may cost you far more per print than much better photos that last longer from various places.

A subject for another day is how kids today never print photos. Don’t believe me? Ask someone 25 or under the last time they actually handed someone a physical photo, rather than showing them an LCD screen on a digital camera or phone, or sending them a link to FaceBook. Then let me know if they’ve done so in the last year.

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