I Am NOT a Content Creator, I Am A Writer

Let me explain this as politely as I can: I do not “create content.” I take knowledge and wisdom from one source and translate, explain, clarify, and humanize that information for better understanding by readers.

In most cases, I gather technology information from vendors, users, or my own research. I present that material for readers so they can gain the benefits of technology without making the same mistakes earlier users made.

It saddens me to see so many writers accept the label of “content creator” without realizing they have been marginalized and their work commoditized. Calling translated knowledge “content” puts it on a shelf like toilet paper.

I am NOT a “content creator” who fills Web pages with keyword-laden drivel. I do not “create content” by typing two sentences of keywords then quoting press releases or other news stories or blogs. I refuse to cut and scrape and plagerize other people’s words to stuff useless text onto a Web site that offers no value but only the hope your eyeballs will be tempted by a tangential and annoying text ad.

If you are a professional writer as I am, stand up straight and refuse to answer to the term “content creator.” If you read to learn, be entertained, be distracted, be surprised, or be transported to another world, join with me in denounced those who “create content” and try to tell us it’s writing.

If you’re looking for a “content creator,” go to hell.

2 Responses to I Am NOT a Content Creator, I Am A Writer

  1. Maria Hooley says:

    Amen and hallelujah!

  2. Wawrzyn says:

    Hi. I understood this so good. Well, I have an opportunity to explain who is the “content manager” a few days ago. I said – this is a person without the skills and formal qualifications to be called “professional editor”. I thought it’s not too bad answer, however I felt it’s kind of ironic, but… It was the reason of a real flame between all the persons involved into discussion. It’s sad. I consider myslef to be the professional writter and editor at the first place and although I’m professionaly working in quite different industry for a moment I have enough time to publish this and that, here and there. Of course, English is my foreign language, so I’m not as fluent, as you. Still, I can get a sense of humour from many of your articles. Greetings from Central Europe 🙂 Sincerely Yours, Wawrzyn.

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