Blogging for Small Businesses

Many people wonder if a blog will help them or their business. I say that a blog provides the same type of personal connection between you and your customers, or potential customers, that you feel toward TV personalities. After listening and watching them, you feel like you have a personal connection. Your customers can feel that way about you through your blog.

But don’t just take my word for it, take an assessment test to see if a blog is a good fit for you. My friend Denise Wakeman and her partner Patsi Krakoff have a free assessment test on their site, Build A Better Blog. Take the test, get their result, and watch their free video. After that, you should have confirmation that a blog will, or will not, work for you.

Could be that a blog won’t help your cause or your business, but don’t just assume that. Could be that a blog will help your cause, but you need to understand more about the details before jumping in. Either way, the better idea you have of how a blog works and the work involved, the better your decision.

If you want to know more about Denise, watch this interview I did with her last year.

3 Responses to Blogging for Small Businesses

  1. Hi James, thanks for mentioning The Blog Squad’s assessment. Coincidentally, I’m recording a program today about whether blogs are a good marketing tool for coaches, consultants and other service professionals. You’re right that’s important to consider both sides of the question. Of course we’re biased, but we usually ask say a blog is NOT right for a business if:

    > you don’t want to market your business online
    > you don’t want to be found by your prospects online
    > you really, really don’t like to write (though there are options like video and audio for the non-writers)
    > you have all the clients and customers you need
    > you don’t have time to dedicate to growing your business
    > you don’t want to be a thought leader in your niche

    Hope that helps your readers decide!

    Blog on!

  2. Andy says:

    The other reason: you just can’t think of something you’d want to write about at least once a week. Blogs are a chore if you aren’t dedicated to adding something insightful or at least interesting to it once every week. Why do something that’s a chore?

    Hi James! Hope you’re doing well.

  3. James Gaskin says:

    Andy! I wondered what happened to you? Send me note and catch up.

    My feeling is that if someone in business can’t think of one interesting thing about their business and/or industry per week, they should look for a new career. Sometimes the most passionate people work in the most bizarre industries, yet their passion makes their work sound great.

    Maybe this is a career gutcheck test: if you can’t be excited about your industry at least once a week, retire.


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