More Free Security Software

Never make the mistake of thinking you have “solved” your security problem. Security is not a problem to solve, it’s a battle to fight each and every day. Hackers don’t take days off, and your security can’t either.

Thanks to ComputerWorld for 10 Essential (and Free!) Security Downloads for Windows that appeared in late May. I have tested several of these over the years and found them all helpful and certainly a great value (free is a great price). You may get a few ads or not be able to schedule operations or some other limitation, but you do get help in a critical area.

When you do find a free tool that works great for you, security or otherwise, remember to either donate or upgrade to the commercial version so the programmers can continue to improve their product. You almost never see an Open Source or freeware program that prices their paid product higher than the commercial equivalent. You save trying the free software, and you continue to save when you buy the upgrade. That’s a good deal on both hands.

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